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Siska Redman
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Tel: 078268 55968

Siska Redman Coaching

I'm so excited to find you here!

Are you looking for a way to feel more free, creative and full of purpose? Do you want to feel that deep fulfilment when you know for sure that you love what you do? Do you want to feel more free in your job or your relationships? Are you searching for a vision for bringing out your creativity and how to shine when you are emotionally where you want to be? The amazing thing about you is that you already have had the success and life experience and that really, you have it all in many ways!

You have learnt, you have had the many highs and some lows. You know how to communicate, and you are pretty sure about what you want in life. However, somehow life keeps throwing you off focus a bit too often and you are not making the huge leap forward that you know you are capable of. You might be unsatisfied with your life in some way and not sure how you can move forward.

I love working with women who are ready to take their life to the next level and who are fully committed to using their creativity to build a life of their dreams.

I believe that you have the answers to your questions already inside of you and with coaching support you will get to that place for sure.

Redman Coaching and its community is about cultivating  a mindset that is free, creative and set up for a significant shift - we can do that in the setting of live group calls with like-minded women (powerful and fun!), with a 1:1 mentorship with me OR we can grow with combination of the two. What speaks to you most? I use mindset tools, meditation, inspiring music, NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming and innovative coaching techniques to make you fully reconnected with yourself again.

Midlife can be tough to handle, or maybe you are just missing the real buzz of feeling truly alive again. After all, there is no script for how we best master our 30ies, 40ies and 50ies - aargh! Where to turn to to get sound coaching support and feel protected in an environment that respects your core beliefs.

My mid-life was a real shocker!

After tons of security and warmth, I experienced an unexpected change. After a stint of low vibe murky waters I decided that I was done with being tired, uninspired and without real power. I searched and discovered the miracles of coaching and self-development - I have not looked back!

I adore my life now, the passion and fun I have. The freedom my career gives me, the people I meet, the opportunities I have and the choices I have on offer. I adore the relationship with my kids and my new tribe. I want that for you, too!

Are you ready to join my tribe of women who want freedom, creativity and success (whatever that means to you)? Then please connect with me, join my private Facebook group or make contact on Instagram.

I honestly cannot wait to hear from you!

Love, Siska

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